Nowadays, user's requirements are changing often, to satisfy their needs various technologies are upgraded. Likewise, HTML also upgraded to HTML5 with impeccable features to competent enough in every aspect to satisfy customers' web development demands. In past, it was viewed as that website's splendid layout and themes badly affected after converting them into HTML. But, we offer markups for PSD to HTML5/CSS3 conversion without affecting the quality at reasonably low cost.

HTML5 comes with a lot of features, this empowers the programmer to build best websites which meet customer's needs. we provide Audio/Video support, manually coded, cross browser compatibility, better accessibility, smarter storage, ease interactions and more.

Outstanding features in PSD to HTML5 conversion services

Search Engine Optimized code

Our developers write SEO optimized codes for conversion pages that help for quick web page loading and search engine friendly. This helps for the best user experience.

Industry standard validation

Our engineers strictly follow guidelines and standards for PSD to HTML5 conversion. Every website that we develop are W3C validated.

Platform independent browser support

We develop websites that are capable of displaying in almost all browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc.,

Quality web pages

We strictly concentrate on offering fully-fledged conversion that ensures quality design like the customer's exisitng PSD. We can convert the existing images into responsive web pages with unmatched quality.

Hand coded

At HTML Offshore, we never use software or tools to create website and conversion services. We do all conversion by manually with orderly and structured code. The hand coded method helps to get the high-quality output.


Do all smartphones supports HTML5?

Yes. All the latest smartphones support HTML5.

Choosing between HTML5 or HTML cause any delay in delivery date?

No. We deliver the product in the specified date & time.

Can you convert existing HTML into responsive HTML5?

Yes. We can convert existing HTML into HTML5/CSS3. Please contact us for more details.

Can HTML5 handle dynamic information based on the geography of an app often modified?

Yes. It can handle.

How you handle dynamic menus like drop-downs and slide-outs?

Yes. We prefer to code the drop-down menus and slide-outs with CSS3. With CSS3, we can even include animations without JScript.

Can you render PSD to HTML5/CSS3 markup for mobile platforms?

Yes. We can code your PSD designs into mobile friendly HTML5/CSS3 markups. You can mention your target devices/browsers while submitting your project.

What about the quality of my website?

Yes. We can make your website 100% perfect for the devices/browsers recommended by you.

Name the browsers which will be supported if I choose CSS3?

CSS3 is supported by almost all the latest web browsers.

Do you use tools/software to code?

No. we always create every line of code manually. Our themes are 100% hand coded using HTML5 and CSS3.

Can you install the website on my server?

Yes. If the website is built by us, we can install it for server free of cost. Otherwise, there are specific charges for installation.

Do you sign Non-Disclosure Agreement(NDA) on client's request?

Yes. We are always ready to sign Non-Disclosure Agreement(NDA) to ensure confidentiality of client's data.

What about your payment options?

We have various modes of payment which include Credit Card, Wire Transfer direct to our bank account and PayPal.

Do you allow clients to contact the development team working on their project?

Yes. Clients can connect to the team working on their project via Skype, Phone call, Email and other communication modes.

Can you keep a backup copy of my project?

Yes. We can keep a backup copy of your project. If any data get corrupted, you can contact us for backup of your project.

How fast you deliver PSD to HTML5/CSS3 project?

We ensure fast delivery with optimal quality depends on the complexity of the project.

Why is HTML5 video better than Flash video?

Instead of Flash video, HTML video requires limited resources and can be styled smoothly via CSS.

Can HTML5 mobile website view using Flash enabled browsers?

No. Because Flash installed browsers restrict the actual view of HTML5 mobile website.

If I want to add any downloaded template then do I take help from any HTML5 expert?

Yes. But the best solution is to take guidance from our experts to attain desired output.

What is your upfront cost for PSD to HTML5/CSS3 conversion project?

Once the project is finalized, only 50% upfront cost we take for all our projects from our clients.

Can I avail enhancement of my website in the future?

Yes. You can avail the enhancement.

Is there any refund policy available in HTML Offshore?

If any mistake happens from our end or client not satisfied with the project, then we definitely go for refund policy.


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