Reasons For Mobile Conversion Rates Reduction

Reasons For Mobile Conversion Rates Reduction

In today's world, smartphones and versatile mobile phones became part of every individual. Moreover, everyone is using the mobile phones for their business and other needs like messaging, accessing email, engaging with social media, watching business videos, shopping, booking tickets and much more.

In fact, many companies already started to use this mobile platform to expand their market reach and increase the revenue by introducing unique mobile website and mobile apps. But, on this mobile platform, a few organizations are successful. Many organizations are not successful because there are many reasons that these business players have ignored.

Below is the list of top reasons:

Irrelevant Text Adjustment

The content displayed in improper text size i.e., they are not well suited for the mobile screen size either the content is too small or too big. This is difficult for mobile users to engage with the business-related content. This kind of flaws can make the potential users move to some other interactive website. So it is mandatory to figure out this type of text errors as early as possible and correct it immediately.

No Call-To-Action(CTA) Button

Suppose the call-to-action (CTA) feature is marked in mobile content, but the content does not have any CTA button. The visitors will surely engage to other mobile websites. In addition, you will not only lose a valuable customer, but also lose your reputation among the mobile audience. Moreover, it is difficult to attract the mobile visitors to come back again.

Not Even a Single Mobile-friendly Feature

Smart phones browsers and platforms are totally different from the desktop, but most of the business owners expect their site will work the same on the mobile and desktop. If your website is developed purely for the desktop, then it will not provide the same user experience on the smartphones. It is very important to create the business website compatible, responsive, interactive and SEO friendly for both mobile and desktop.

Confusing Content Structure

The site content is the very important factor that lures the customers to your website and also engages them as your customers. So the content on the web page must be well structured, organized, readable and relevant to your business. Never confuse the customers by posting confusing and irrelevant content to your business. The confusing content makes the client's loss their interest to you.

Using Horizontal Scrolling Or Navigation Link

As per research, the vertical scrolling provides better user experience on the mobile website. But, many mobile websites still using horizontal scrolling or navigation links that create difficulties for the users to engage in the content. This also blocks or stops them to navigate to the next page and hence the companies suffer from a loss.

Pop-up Advertisement

The pop-up ads irritate the desktop users and mobile users too. By the means of creating leads, many business owners like to implement the pop-up ads feature in their mobile website content. This is not at all a good idea, never go with these functionalities, this will reduce the reputation to your site and the same reflected in your business.


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