Specialties of jQuery Mobile App Development

Specialties of jQuery Mobile App Development

The unique framework is compatible with all the latest versions of browsers and devices that run on different platforms to provide users captivating, intuitive, engaging and fresh experience. jQuery mobile app development enables engineers to code only for a single website and process it on multiple mobile devices.

The jQuery is a user-friendly mobile app development framework which helps developers to create mobile apps that run consistently with all latest smartphones and tablets. This development framework is consistent with jQuery core and provides facilities like HTML/XML document object model (DOM) traversing and the framework majorly focus on touch interface UIs, jQuery powered with high-end features for developing mobile web applications.

Features of jQuery

Browser support

jQuery can be accessible to all browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc., that run on different platforms such as Android, Symbian, iOS and much more. This cross-platform, cross-device compatible feature is optimized for all kinds of the latest version of touch interface devices. Possessing the rich set of web elements, jQuery makes the application easily accessible on any device.

Open source

This open source framework can integrate with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and jQuery UI, this helps to facilitate mobile web app development very easy.

High performance

Performance of jQuery apps simply out performs other applications. The consistency across all the latest version of browsers and latest devices, gains increased user engagement, huge consumer base and conversions.


ThemeRoller is a web app that provides an interface for design and download customized themes for jQuery UI. When you are done with designing a theme, you can download it to use in your projects. This helps for better development of web apps.


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